ThinkGood’s Cross-Cultural Program Does “Good” for Students

At ThinkGood, we do good in many ways, and one way is to run social impact programs that connect people to help people. One program I’ve organized connects children in developing countries with children in the United States to improve their education and increase their knowledge and acceptance of other cultures in the world.

We’ve partnered with Crayons of Hope, a non-profit in India to connect students ages 8-12 in India with students in the United States, providing them with a way to make new friends and an opportunity for cultural exchange.

Students from several schools here in the United States are paired 1 to 1 with students in India.  Once a month, each student creates a handwritten postcard to send to their pen pal.  Students are given prompts connected to what they are studying in school to direct the writing process. They share their cultures by drawing and writing about holidays, geography, sports, landmarks and much more.

This continues to provide a wonderful opportunity to create valuable connections, to teach and practice letter writing, to enhance the social studies curriculum and to learn first-hand about life in another country.  The experience provides the children with a sense of responsibility, knowing that they are teaching another student about their culture.

This program has also provided Indian students the opportunity to practice their English and art skills. American students learn the world around them is so much more than just their backyard.

“The kids really enjoy receiving and sharing the letters from their pen pals. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful program, the kids have learned so much”, says Samantha Carney, a fourth grade teacher at one of the U.S. schools participating in this program.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of this program. Contact me if you’d like to learn more.

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