At 13, and Being a Girl….(you just never know!)

Yesterday was a dedicated “girl day”.  My daughter and I try to have one at least every two weeks.  We go shopping, for a walk, for lunch, do our nails at home or out, cook meals, do crafts.  A variety of things.  It’s our time to be together, where I shut off the phone and work needs, and focus solely on her.  She of course, being 13, can’t let go of her iPhone, but I try to understand how she’s in search of who she is, who her friends are, and who aren’t.  The phone is her connection.  That seems to be the only way she communicates these days.

But I had a very special moment, and I KNOW I need to treasure.  Take a snapshot in my memory.  Life is going too quick.

As we were walking into Michael’s Craft Store (our heaven!), she grabbed my hand……GRABBED it you guys!  I melted.  The days of her needing her mama in certain ways is disappearing,   I treasure the feel of the small hand sliding into mine.  It always feels tiny, like when she was born.  What an incredibly special feeling.  I am so glad I took the time yesterday to really focus on a small, yet so important event.

Keep your eyes and ears open for your special moments.  Cherish.  They make life special.   hugs, AnnMarie, oxox (co-founder, ThinkGood)