Don’t let Fear Hold you Back!

So many of us live stifled by our fears. What if, instead of identifying with our fears and letting them rule us, we looked at them from a detached perspective and assessed their validity?

It is a misconception that our fears are meant to hold us back. Rather, our fears are meant to help us get more clear on what we want and how we want to live our lives. Our fears are meant to be looked at, acknowledged, and faced head on. This is the only way to live a truly empowered, fulfilling life!

Look at yourself and your life. What fears keep coming up for you? What fearful beliefs are holding you back, preventing you from doing what you really want to do and from living the life you really want to live?

Are you afraid of failure? Of uncertainty? Of being judged by others? Look at why you are fearful, then take bold action in the face of your fear, and you will see that your fears are merely beliefs that hold no actual power over you. In fact, our fears only have as much power over us as we give them!




“Begin Anew,” a short poem

Every day
Is like being born again.
A newness, freshness
Permeates the air.

What you were yesterday,
you are not today.
What you are today,
You will not be tomorrow.

Every moment,
You can begin anew.
Every second,
A chance to start over.

We can re-set
Our thoughts, feelings, behaviors
At any time.
There is never good reason
To stay the same,
To stay stuck in place,
Not moving forward…

We require forward movement
To grow, to feel alive,
To live with joy and purpose.

Begin living
Right here, right now.
Do not allow
One more precious second
To escape past you
Without awareness.


Office Building Built for the Handicap

Jackson, Wyoming, is an unlikely place for urban farming: At an altitude over a mile high, with snow lasting into May, the growing season is sometimes only a couple of months long.

But the town is about to become home to one of the first vertical farms in the world, reports Fast CoExist. A startup called Vertical Harvest recently broke ground on a three-story, 13,500 sq ft hydroponics greenhouse that will be providing fresh micro-greens and tomatoes to the Jackson community.

Equal to 5 acres of traditional agriculture, the produce will be grown on revolving carrousels and 95% of its produce has already been sold under pre-purchase agreements with area restaurants and local grocery stores.

And, perhaps best of all, their mission includes an employment and training program for individuals with developmental disabilities to help them achieve happiness, success, and independence.