Why you Need to Love Yourself more, and how to do just that!

We all can use more self-love and it not only benefits us, but everybody else in our lives!!

A short video review on film, “You Can Heal Your Life” based on the book by Louise Hay.

Learn an easy and powerful exercise use that can transform the way you see yourself and move your life in a more joyful and positive direction! <3


Today is a New Day!

Even if you were not able to get to all the things you wanted to yesterday, or if you feel you did not speak or act in the highest ways, today is a new day, a fresh start.

Take your lessons from yesterday and let them guide you in your words and actions today. Though we do not want to live in the past, we may use the lessons from yesterday to make us better today, in the present moment.

Today, and every day, can be the best day of your life, if you make up your mind to let it be so!

As Marcus Aurelius said, “Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

May your day be filled with Beauty and Wonder!

In love,

Robyn <3


Begin Your Day with Love

Want to start your day off in a powerful way that will uplift you and sustain your positive energy throughout the day?

Begin your day with Love!

Here are some techniques to help you do that:

-Upon waking up, before even getting out of bed, think of the things that you most love about yourself and about your life. What are you most grateful for? What will you be doing this day that you love to do? Who are the people you are closest to and what do you most love about them?

-As you make your breakfast/lunch, imagine that you are infusing love into your food as your prepare it.

-When you eat your breakfast, say a silent or spoken “Thank you” to the Universe for your food. In addition to imagining that your food has all the nutrients your mind/body needs, imagine that it is filled with love that will infiltrate your mind-body-spirit as you eat it.

-As you shower, imagine that the water coming down on you is infused with love- it is infusing all of your being, pushing any negative energy out of you and filling you with high, positive energy that will stay with you throughout your day.

-As you dress, imagine that your clothes are infused with love and that this love enters every cell of your being as you put them on.

-When meditating, picture a stream of love, in the form of a waterfall or beautiful light, coming from above you and pouring down through the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet, clearing out any negative or lower energy and filling you up completely with love and light.

Of course, you can practice these techniques at any time during the day, and it’s great to use them repeatedly throughout the day; however, there is as special power in doing these exercises in the morning, as your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Love is an energy that is within you and around you and always available to you at every moment. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this to tap into it. As you come to practice some of these techniques, make up your own- use your imagination to conjure up the love that already exists within and around you, and experience the wonders that this creates!

Do you have any practices that fill you up with love? Please share in the comment section below!

In love,
Robyn <3


10 Facts That Prove Helping Others Is A Key To Achieving Happiness

You’ve heard us talk about the cycle of good….Think Good, Do Good, Feel Good, right?  Well this Huffington Post article gives 10 great examples of how thinking and doing good lead to happiness, and we all want more happiness.  Read on.

1. Helping Others Will Actually Make You Feel Great

Giving back has an effect on your body. Studies show that when people donated to charity, the mesolimbic system, the portion of the brain responsible for feelings of reward, was triggered. The brain also releases feel-good chemicals and spurs you to perform more kind acts — something psychologists call “helper’s high.”

2. Giving Can Give You A Self-Esteem Boost

Heard enough from your inner critic? Consider donating some of your time to a cause you’re passionate about. People who volunteer have been found to have higher self-esteem and overall well-being. Experts explain that as feelings of social connectedness increase, so does your self-esteem. The benefits of volunteering also depend on your consistency. So, the more regularly you volunteer, the more confidence you’ll be able to cultivate.

3. You’ll Have Stronger Friendships

Being a force for good in a friend’s life can help build a lasting bond. When you help others, you give off positive vibes, which can rub off on your peers and improve your friendships, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. Both parties will contribute to maintaining a mutually beneficial dynamic.

4. You Become A Glass Half-Full Type Person

Having a positive impact on someone else could help you change your own outlook and attitude. Experts say that performing acts of kindness boosts your mood and ultimately makes you more optimistic and positive.

5. Helping Others Will Make You Feel Like You Can Take On The World

Helping someone out can leave you feeling rewarded and fulfilled. People who participate in volunteer work feel more empowered than those who do not. According to a survey by the United Health Group, 96 percent of people who volunteered over the last 12 months said volunteering enriches their sense of purpose.

6. You’ll Feel A Sense Of Belonging

Whether with a large group of people in a volunteer organization, or just between two friends exchanging words of advice, helping people creates a feeling of community. “Face-to-face activities such as volunteering at a drop-in center can help reduce loneliness and isolation,” according to the Mental Health Foundation.

7. Giving Will Help You Find Your Inner Peace

If you have a lot that’s wearing you down, giving back could help clear your head. In a study by United Health Group, 78 percent of people who volunteered over a 12-month period said they felt that their charitable activities lowered their stress. They were also more calm and peaceful than people who didn’t participate in volunteer work.

8. It Will Make You Feel Thankful

Helping others gives you perspective on your own situation, and teaches you to be appreciative of what you have. The Global One Foundation describes volunteering as a way to “promote a deeper sense of gratitude as we recognize more of what is already a blessing/gift/positive in our life.”

9. It Gives You A Sense Of Renewal

Helping others can teach you to help yourself. If you’ve been through a tough experience or just have a case of the blues, the “activism cure” is a great way get back to feeling like yourself, according to research from the University of Texas. “Volunteer work improves access to social and psychological resources, which are known to counter negative moods,” the study read.

10. Finally, Helping Others Will Spur Others To Pay It Forward And Keep The Cycle Of Happiness Going

Kindness is contagious, according to a study by researchers at University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Cambridge and University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom. “When we see someone else help another person it gives us a good feeling,” the study states, “Which in turn causes us to go out and do something altruistic ourselves.”


Here’s a surprising way to relieve neck pain

I’ve spent way too much time hunched over my laptop lately, so not surprisingly I’m feeling a lot of pain in my neck. I did stretching exercises, took Advil, even got my wife to rub my neck but it still hurt.

So I went looking for some new stretch and strengthening exercises, and read that there’s an acupressure point on the back of your HAND that can help a stiff NECK.  Of course I was skeptical because I’ve never tried any kind of alternative medicine before, but what the heck, I gave it a try. Note that my pain was on the left side of my neck so I had to find the acupressure point on my right hand, evidently the wiring is crisscrossed in your body. Here’s what I did:

I put my left pointer finger between the two bones on the back of my right hand, just above the knuckles of my pointer and middle finger, and made small circles, while also turning and tilting my head like I had done previous mornings to no avail. And within 5 minutes I had much less pain and a greater range of motion.

Hopefully this can help other people with neck pain “Feel Good”, post a comment below if you try it and it works, or if you think I’m crazy and just imagined that it feels better.


Purpose motivates us more than rewards

I wasn’t very motivated to work on something this morning, in fact I’ve been procrastinating on it for a week. You’ve done it, we’ve all done it. It reminded me of what Dan Pink had to say about motivation in this video, one of my favorite TED videos.

Most business executives think people are motivated by money and tangible rewards. As Dan tells us, there are greater sources of intrinsic motivation, one being the feeling of purpose, which he defines as the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. That’s what ThinkGood is creating, folks.

Watch the video to learn about all three intrinsic motivators and let us know what you think.


Moments that make life’s memories – are you missing them?

I’d like to think we all have a moment, or, if we’re lucky, many moments, when we are suddenly and unmistakably drawn–pulled, even–from our inward-turned world of daily life, when we’re shown something that opens our eyes–and opens us–almost turning us inside out, so we look OUTward. It is in these moments that we really SEE who or what is right there in front of us, seemingly put three for us, and us alone, at that precise moment, to notice, take in , to be inspired by, to love, to share and to learn from. Or, we are given the chance to see it for some purpose to be revealed to us later, but we know to tuck it away because it is extraordinary in that moment. Our senses are heightened, our minds are opened and focused solely on that moment, that something, that someone.

That something could be present in our lives already, even on a daily basis, yet be so mundane, so routine or so seemingly insignificant that it doesn’t register as anything other than ordinary and expected. Or, it could be a sensation, a vision, a sound, a feeling, an awareness, that we have never experienced until that moment, and it catches our full attention and may even move us deeply.

Sound familiar? Are you picturing fireworks, bells and whistles, orchestral or angelic soundtracks or some other dramatic accompaniment to the moment of “enlightenment”? Or, do you imagine complete quiet , hushed, pleasant sounds from nature, repeated mantra or the steady soundtrack of familiar voices and daily activities humming along in the background, as you uncover a gentle reminder about the importance of small, simple things in a gradual, layer-by-layer excavation? Do you picture a surge of deep emotion welling up inside you and spilling over in the form of tears…or laughter? Will the moment be fleeting, or be forever teched in your heart and mind?
One of these “moments” in my life happened at a time when I believe I really needed it, which is when, at least in my experience, we are most likely to be shown and surprised by them.

My two children, then five and seven, and I were outside in our yard one hot summer afternoon. They were playing with a favorite water toy–a waterway, with multiple pieces, curves and drops and a pump to raise and lower the water level, like a canal, and several different little boats to travel the route they created. I had also filled 2 tubs with shaving cream for them to be silly with, too. They had sunblock on, an umbrella to play under, and two icy cold drinks in their spill-proof cups, each. Just shy of patting myself on the back for thinking of everything they’d need, “I’m all set!”I thought. Soon, I was deeply engrossed in clearing out my garden beds anticipating momentarily getting some long overdue planting done.

All was well, until, as young kids are wont to do, my two got bored with the items at hand, and began asking for “new stuff” to play with. Squirt guns, the small, impossible to fill, empty-in-two-squirts kind that I should have known better than to have bought, were dropped at my feet. “Mom? Mom? MOM! Can you fill these NOW? Please? I want the blue one! You get the red one!” Sigh… I complied, and off they went. I had barely gotten my gardening gloves back on when they were back, with the same, urgent request, now bordering on “demand”, since one of them had lost the previous “battle” and gotten sprayed in the face by the other, who was declaring “victory”. The fourth time they returned, out of “ammunition” and getting crankier by the moment (as was I), I decided it was time to remind them that “Mommy has work to do, and I can’t keep stopping every five seconds (a classic use of exaggeration by a flustered mom) to fill these guys!” They looked at me dejectedly, and I felt that lousy feeling of frustration and guilt combined, knowing the work I was hoping to do was not going to get done (frustration), and the reason why was because my kids needed/wanted me to help them and play with them and I was doing something else instead (guilt).

I set down my tools and went into the garage to get the two Fire Hose Hero backpack pump-action water sprayers that resembled the packs and hoses firemen might carry to put out a fire. My two LOVED the fire department, and had won a pizza party the Fall before for “best costumes” at the department’s Halloween tour and costume contest. They sprayers held a little under a gallon of water, and they were a hit when I brought them out and filled them. One quick demonstration of how to use them, and they were suited up and off, running around the yard, squealing with delight. They loved them, and I was happy to get back to work. But they were SO happy that they were back within five minutes, begging me to fill them again…and again…and I had managed to get only two plants in the ground, with eight more to go. Envisioning having to abandon what I wanted to do, and not pleased, I said, “Guys, look. I need to get these plants in the ground! This is the last time I’m filling these!”

As I reached for the hose to fill my son’s sprayer, he reached out his little hand and held it, palm up, in the stream of water pouring from the hose. The water missed the opening and coursed over the toy and onto my pants and shoes and his, In the split second that my mind registered, “Oh, great! What a mess! Now there’s no way I’ll get this done!”, my eyes caught sight of something I may never have seen–really SEEN, had I not been granted the gift of “a moment”, that particular moment, to see it. I have never forgotten eh vision,the feeling and the impact that one moment had on me…

I watched the water flow out of the hose and over his palm. It was crystal clear, like liquid diamonds, glinting in the brilliant summer sun, and flowing in a tiny river over his warm and dirt-smudged little hand. He was open to the joy and the excitement of that moment, and was elated. He held a little-boy handful of sparkling, liquid diamonds, made of just plain water and sunshine. But, in that instant, I saw and felt with my whole being the beauty of what I was witnessing, as simple and ordinary as it may have otherwise been…and time slowed and my heart sped. Ohhh…his little fingers curled in delight at the sensation of the cool water on his warm skin, and then, he looked up at me and laughed, pure joy written all over his face, and he said, “Again, Mommy! Do it again!”, and I realized I had liquid diamonds in my eyes and running down my cheeks.

My daughter came bounding over with her Fire Hose Hero sprayer dragging behind her in the grass, and dropping it, laughed and held out both of her small hands, palms up, and the cool water with the sunshine gave her handfuls of liquid diamonds, too. We were so very rich, my kids and I, in that moment.

Looking down at their sun-kissed blond heads, and hearing their delighted squeals as the water missed their hands and got them wet (my aim was off because there were so many diamonds in my eyes, too many to collect before more came). I felt a flood of joy and a deep, overwhelming gratitude for the gift, right then and there, of being turned OUTward, eyes opened, and heart softened for me to truly SEE and FEEL the blessing of my children, my life with them, and the profound gift of being their mother, all in that single, simple sweet moment. I turned the stream onto my own open palm, watched the sun glinting off it, and felt my whole self washed of all that had closed my heart and my mind, so as to allow it to be written in my mind and on my heart that THAT, the awakening to a moment of new vision, and moments like it, are what matter most .

The plants got planted–eventually. The toys the kids loved then were replaced by book series after book series, two-wheeler bikes were mastered and ridden up and down the street til dusk, and many a kickball game was played with bases that never mattered much when the inevitable silliness ensued.

Time passed, somehow faster with each passing year. Mastery of the eye-roll, then the impatient, “I’ve got better things to do than listen to this”, arms-folded, heavy sigh, look away, foot tap, and other modes of communicating, like the grunt, the mumble, the silent treatment, and the “WHAAA_TT?” from behind a closed bedroom door when called, rival the complexity of the signals passed between a major league catcher and his pitcher, and prove to be just as frustrating and confusing to the opposing team, aka, this mom. But as proficient as they became these, so, too, did they learn to sneak in a gentle hip check or a silly joke, or a “Mom? Got a minute?” prelude to an unexpected and priceless heart-to-heart about the ups and downs of middle school and high school life. Hugs from mom being accepted and even reciprocated, eye contact for more than a millisecond, and moments of laughter–and tears…all these have learned to recognize as gifts; these moments, of little hands full of liquid diamonds in the sun, and I am grateful and buoyed up by them, especially on days when it feels like I am sinking.

I know now that the tough stuff will get better, and that we will mature beyond these trying years. But, in many ways, especially some days, I want time to slow, or even stop, before my two continue that race down the road to adulthood. I want more handfuls of diamonds days to heal and set my mind and heart right again. But then, I remember to stop. I look. I SEE. I say the words, “I am thankful.” and those moments, though they may sometimes take a little longer to recognize, or are a bit more subtle and less brilliant now, reveal themselves to me just when I most need them, and as I open my hands, I see them full of diamonds and hear my children’s laughter.