Helping Todays youth Achieve dreams

For a talented youth even with motivation and a positive minded family breaking into the entertainment industry can be very difficult. One way to dramatically improve the chances of getting a shot is working with the recently launched organization, Be Iconic Entertainment, who specialize in helping youth to achieve their dreams in the entertainment world, and are having huge early success.


Using the Power of the Written Word to Raise your Energy and Uplift Others!

The written word can be very powerful when it comes to raising our energy and inspiring/uplifting others. We can be uplifted by a book we read, by an inspiring quote, or a mere word we see written on the side of a building. I know that seeing the word “Love” written on buildings, t-shirts, buttons, menus, or any other place, almost always seems to lift my energy and make me smile.

Knowing the powerful effect of words, I write positive words and phrases around my home to keep the energy high and to keep me inspired. I post positive statements such as “Today is a beautiful day” on the bathroom mirror with dry-erase marker, or we write a list of goals/dreams I’m working on to keep us focused and inspired. Current messages on the fridge include: “Life is Good,” and “Love yourself. Love others. Love the world.” Friends, clients, and members from my Meetup groups frequently comment on the “positive energy” in my home and say how they love all of the “inspiring and uplifting messages around.”

One of the things I love to do is write/design positive messages on small pieces of paper and give them out to “strangers.” I regularly go out into the community with other members from my meetup group (Southern Maine Random Acts of Kindness) and hand out these messages to passersby. Our messages say things like, “You are Loved,” “You are a beautiful expression of life,” or “Who’s the most awesome person today? You!”

Every step of this process is very powerful: The writing of the messages makes me feel good, because I’m writing positive, high energy words and phrases which is basically downloaded into my brain. The handing out of messages feels great as well, as most people who are given one of our messages smile or express their appreciation in some way. Some people are so touched they tear up, give us a hug, stick around to chat with us about our mission, and/or join our group!

This much is clear to me: the written word can uplift, inspire, and make the heart happy. It’s one of the easiest, most accessible tools I know of, and it can do great good in your own life and in the lives of others. A friend of mine was known at his last job as the “positive post-it guy,” as he would leave little sticky notes on people’s desks with positive messages. Likewise, a simple thank you card or a letter telling someone how you feel about them can have very positive and powerful effects.

Like everything else, words have energy; the more positive the word, the higher the energy it carries, and thus the greater the positive effect it can have on you and others. As an experiment, get out a piece of paper and write letters A-Z down the page with A on the top line, B on the second line down, and so on. Start with the letter A and write down the most positive/high energy word you can think of. Do this all the way through Z (you can use creative freedom for the tricky letters; i.e. instead of coming up with a word that begins with “X” you could write the word “eXpress.” After you are done writing a word for each letter, read through the list and feel the essence of the word you wrote down. If you wrote “Beauty” for B, feel the essence of Beauty inside your body. After you are done going through the list, take note of how you are feeling. How does your body feel? Your mind? What is your mood like?

Lifting your spirits or helping yourself get back on a more positive frame of mind can be as simple as thinking of/meditating on some positive words. Words have the power to either bring us down or lift us up. Assuming you prefer the latter, why not make use of this simple and wonderful tool today by surrounding yourself with positive statements and passing positive words onto others?

In love,

Robyn <3


What Message Are You Sending To Your Kids?

My friend Elise was sitting with her 6 and 3 year old boys after dinner when her phone beeped. She picked up her phone, saw that a new work email had arrived, and read the message. It wasn’t urgent, or important, or interesting, but she felt compelled to take care of her co-worker’s request.

James, her youngest son asked, “Who’s that, momma?”  She didn’t answer, just kept typing away.

Then her older son, Ben, said to James, “Leave her alone, J. Mom has really important things to take care of, more important than us.”

Ben’s words struck Elise hard. She realized she was addicted to her devices. She was putting trivial work tasks ahead of her family. And they were starting to notice.

When a parent frequently interrupts family time to get on his or her mobile device, it sends a message to the kids that the person or email on the other end matters more than they do. With younger kids, it causes them to feel lonely, sad and neglected. With older kids, it makes those parents who try to control kids’ use of cell phones look like hypocrites.

Today, your ThinkGood Call-to-Action is to set aside certain hours every week as Unplugged Family Time.

It only needs to be an hour or two a day, it can be during meals or while in the car. But make it a point to ignore those beeps and be in the moment with your family. After you’ve done this a couple of times, come back here and tell us what difference you’ve seen in those family members who now have your attention.

(Photo by PatCastaldo on Flickr)


Begin Your Day with Love

Want to start your day off in a powerful way that will uplift you and sustain your positive energy throughout the day?

Begin your day with Love!

Here are some techniques to help you do that:

-Upon waking up, before even getting out of bed, think of the things that you most love about yourself and about your life. What are you most grateful for? What will you be doing this day that you love to do? Who are the people you are closest to and what do you most love about them?

-As you make your breakfast/lunch, imagine that you are infusing love into your food as your prepare it.

-When you eat your breakfast, say a silent or spoken “Thank you” to the Universe for your food. In addition to imagining that your food has all the nutrients your mind/body needs, imagine that it is filled with love that will infiltrate your mind-body-spirit as you eat it.

-As you shower, imagine that the water coming down on you is infused with love- it is infusing all of your being, pushing any negative energy out of you and filling you with high, positive energy that will stay with you throughout your day.

-As you dress, imagine that your clothes are infused with love and that this love enters every cell of your being as you put them on.

-When meditating, picture a stream of love, in the form of a waterfall or beautiful light, coming from above you and pouring down through the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet, clearing out any negative or lower energy and filling you up completely with love and light.

Of course, you can practice these techniques at any time during the day, and it’s great to use them repeatedly throughout the day; however, there is as special power in doing these exercises in the morning, as your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day.

Love is an energy that is within you and around you and always available to you at every moment. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of this to tap into it. As you come to practice some of these techniques, make up your own- use your imagination to conjure up the love that already exists within and around you, and experience the wonders that this creates!

Do you have any practices that fill you up with love? Please share in the comment section below!

In love,
Robyn <3


One Kind Word Can Change Someone’s Entire Day

Think about a day when you’ve been kinda down, a lot on your mind, or under pressure at work. And someone gave you a kind word that snapped you out of it, and gave you a fresh outlook on the day.

Your mission today is to seek out someone who looks like they could use a boost, and say something kind to them. Then come back and tell us the reaction you saw in their face.


ThinkGood’s Cross-Cultural Program Does “Good” for Students

At ThinkGood, we do good in many ways, and one way is to run social impact programs that connect people to help people. One program I’ve organized connects children in developing countries with children in the United States to improve their education and increase their knowledge and acceptance of other cultures in the world.

We’ve partnered with Crayons of Hope, a non-profit in India to connect students ages 8-12 in India with students in the United States, providing them with a way to make new friends and an opportunity for cultural exchange.

Students from several schools here in the United States are paired 1 to 1 with students in India.  Once a month, each student creates a handwritten postcard to send to their pen pal.  Students are given prompts connected to what they are studying in school to direct the writing process. They share their cultures by drawing and writing about holidays, geography, sports, landmarks and much more.

This continues to provide a wonderful opportunity to create valuable connections, to teach and practice letter writing, to enhance the social studies curriculum and to learn first-hand about life in another country.  The experience provides the children with a sense of responsibility, knowing that they are teaching another student about their culture.

This program has also provided Indian students the opportunity to practice their English and art skills. American students learn the world around them is so much more than just their backyard.

“The kids really enjoy receiving and sharing the letters from their pen pals. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful program, the kids have learned so much”, says Samantha Carney, a fourth grade teacher at one of the U.S. schools participating in this program.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of this program. Contact me if you’d like to learn more.


Love your furry friends!

Helping an animal shelter is one of the most impactful ways to get involved.

Many shelters need help with cleaning and caring for the animals, and keeping the facility in good condition .Do you have a special talent or hobby like photography or creating video? Shelters can always use some extra supplies, see if it has a wish list. Pet supplies aren’t the only supplies shelters need. Some other things that come in handy for shelters include:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Old newspapers
  • Paper towel and toilet paper rolls
  • Old towels and blankets
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Office supplies

Let someone ahead of you in the checkout line

You know what its like to be in a checkout line with just a few items, and the people in front of you have overflowing cars. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.  Next time you’re at the store and someone comes up behind you with only a couple things in a basket, let them go in front of you. It only slows you down by a minute, but saves that person ten minutes.


Offer up your parking spot at the mall

Remember how frustrated you were when you were looking for a parking spot?  Circling around, following people walking to the car, only to have them cross through to a different row?  Good, now that you’ve done your shopping, think of the next person. When you’re in the row your car is parked in, wave to a desperate driver searching for a parking spot to have them follow you. And jeepers, once you’re in your car, don’t spend 1o minutes fixing your hair before you back out!!