Welcome to ThinkGood.  It’s a Lifestyle.  Live it!

Create greater kindness and compassion in the world
by connecting people to help people.

ThinkGood improves people’s lives by inspiring them to ThinkGood,enticing them to DoGood in little ways every day, and causing them to FeelGood.


We call this the Cycle of Good.

Circle of Good

Why ThinkGood?

We are all searching for something. Purpose. A place to belong. To connect with people.  Ahhh, the last one is key. Connection. It is a basic human need. One our society is slowly losing.Technology and social media are supposed to bring us together, but have actually made us more distant, more superficial.The only way we can truly connect is to make helping others a habit and express our true selves…
…with: Honesty. Empathy. Vulnerability.  ThinkGood is here to help you do that.

Why Did We Create ThinkGood?

We believe that everyone has a fundamental desire to do good, but not enough people act on it. By making it easy to help others in small ways, every day, we can make thinking good and doing good a way of life, which leads to greater happiness, health and well-being.